Monday, May 01, 2006

Thank You Dr. Michael Siegel

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Physician and long-time tobacco control advocate, Dr. Michael Siegel has joined the fight against Chris Covert-Bowlds and his low-key, but vicious effort to criminalize smokers by characterizing them as child abusers.

Read his post today about the issue. And here is his welcome response to my request for his help in making this public:
I have sent in two letters to the editor. One to the Oregonian and one to the Portland Tribune. I'll let you know if either one is published. This issue is not going to go away, and I will continue to write about it, both on the blog and publicly. But to start, let's see if we can't get something immediately into an Oregon newspaper to serve notice that we're not going to sit by and let this happen unnoticed and uncontested (like the Arkansas car smoking ban).

In the meantime, I would note that this post has been highlighted on the site, so it should now be seen by a large number of anti-smoking advocates and groups (see:

I really do think there is a socioeconomic/racial and a class issue here. Basically, well-off anti-smoking advocates are telling poorer less well-off Americans how to live their lives and how to raise their children. That's truly what this amounts to.

And because the well-off don't have as much respect for the lower classes, they don't understand the implications of developing a criminal record, having to pay fines, or having one's children threatened to be taken away.

The lack of sensitivity is appalling, but it's really a shame to me that this is coming from within my own movement.
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Dr Siegel doesn't wholeheartedly agree with the entire scope of the overall issue regarding the health effects of ETS as I see it. But he has serious concerns about the outrageous tactics now being employed by many antismoking groups. He has been blacklisted and ostracized by some of his former colleagues and deserves a great deal of credit for continuing to pursue -under the gun- the subject of hyperbole masquerading as "Scientific Evidence."

Besides our thanks, he deserves our moral support and encouragement.